In the information age, everything is digitalized. The development of human society has changed from power-driven to data-driven, and the competition in the field of big data has a bearing on national security and future. Facing major national needs, our institute focuses on breaking through the core technology of management of unstructured data integration, developing unstructured data management systems, establishing application demonstration projects in major application fields such as national information security, modern information service industry, and enterprise informatization, forming an international-level research and innovation team, and contributing to the leap-forward development of national big data field.


1The Institute of Information Systems and Engineering (ISE) is affiliated with the School of Software, Tsinghua University, and the current director is Professor Wang Jianmin. Relying on the advantages of Tsinghua University's first-class talents, the institute aims to form a first-class research team to meet the major strategic needs of the country and industry, and give full play to the comprehensive discipline advantages of Tsinghua University in the field of information engineering. The institute has successively undertaken a number of major scientific and technological research projects such as the "National Core-electronics, High-end-general-Chips, and Infrastructural-software project", 863 program, 973 program, and other programs from the National Natural Foundation of China. We strive to create first-class innovative achievements, to serve the development of national construction, the progress of science and technology, and the discipline construction and talent training.

ISE is taking the development of a new generation of "big data" management platform as the carrier, researching massive data management and process management technologies for cloud computing environments, focusing on breakthroughs in modeling and behavior analysis of large-scale parallel processes, unstructured data management and mining, mobile content copyright protection and system performance engineering, etc. Based on the "big data" management platform, we will develop support software for new network value-added services and enterprise information applications.

ISE attaches great importance to talent and team building, adheres to the people-oriented principle, wholeheartedly attracts and gathers outstanding talents at domestic and abroad. By continuously integrating resources and improving mechanisms, we already have 12 faculty members in the institute, including 3 professors, 2 overseas visiting professors. Hundreds of graduates with master's and doctor's degrees have graduated from ISE. We endeavor to practice the University motto of "Self-discipline and Social Commitment", continuously implement the concept of "Patriotic Dedication, strive for Excellence", always adhere to the academic style of "rigorous, diligent, realistic and innovative", and strive to make our contribution to the training of high-tech talents and the progress of information technology.