Tsinghua University Certificate Program on

“Innovating Education & Building New Skills

for Digital Economy”

Next Program: SEPTEMBER 9 --OCTOBER 4, 2024

Online Program

Program Schedule and Agenda details Instructor & Speakers

Program Introduction

NOTE before registration

This is an interdisciplinary program open to students of all majors at Tsinghua University, limited number of seats are also open to students from outside Tsinghua University.

Students outside Tsinghua University will need to apply to be admitted to this program.

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Key focus areas

Program Director & Instructor

Kris Singh

Founder & CEO at SRII, Palo Alto, California, USA

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A certificate will be awarded for students(including students from outside THU) who complete the program with following requirements:

  • Active class participation (minimum 80% class attendance)
  • Group project participation

addition to Program Certificate, all THU students will receive one credit unit for participating in this program. Students from outside THU should consult their respective universities for similar course credit.

For those who are not able to have regular class attendance and not able to participate in the group projects, they are welcome to just Audit the class. They will NOT qualify for the Program Certificate.

Program Structure

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Program Duration: 4 weeks

Invited Speakers Lectures: 2 weeks (10 lectures)

Group Projects: 1 week

Project Presentation: 1 week

Invited Speakers & Subject Experts

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Course Agenda

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Course Structure:

SEPTEMBER 9 --OCTOBER 4, 2024, 10am ~ 12noon,Beijing time

Program Objective:

Innovating Education and building new Skills for the fast changing Global Global Economy.