Course Instructor

Kris Singh

President & CEO at SRII.
Silicon Valley, CA (

Kris Singh is the founder and CEO of SRII located in Silicon Valley, California. SRII mission is to "drive digital economy innovation for a better world". SRII provides advisory and consulting services to major organizations on the subject of “innovating digital economy for major sectors of economy". SRII members include key leaders from industry, academia, research, startups and government organizations from around the world (

Kris has been a senior leader in the Silicon Valley for more than 30 years and has worked with major IT companies such as IBM Research, Intel , AMD and National Semiconductor. Kris has also been working closely with academia to help drive “Innovation in Education & Entrepreneurship". Currently he is a visiting professor at Tsinghua University in China and has been an Industry Fellow in the College of Engineering at UC Berkeley and an adjunct professor in the Electrical Engineering & Computer Science department at Santa Clara University, CA.

Kris is also on the board and advisory member of several startup companies and he is a regular speaker at major forums and conferences around the world.

Invited Speakers

Navin Jain

Founder & CEO at Viome, Washington

Geng Lin

CTO at F5 Networks, California

Kevin Ichhpurani

Corporate Vice President, Google, California, USA

Alex Zelinsky

Vice Chancellor and President at University of Newcastle Canberra, Australian

Kevin Hall

President & Vice Chancellor at University of Victoria, Canada

V.Ramgopal Rao

Director, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India

Dongmin Chen

Dean, School of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Peking University, Beijing

Jay Lee

Vice Chairman and Board Member of Foxconn. China

Jianmin Wang

Dean, School of Software, Tsinghua University

Bratin Saha

Vice President, Machine Learning Services, Amazon

Jinsong Zhao

Department Chairman of Chemical Engineering Tsinghua University, Beijing

Ashok Jhunjhunwala

President, IITM Research Park, India

Tim Draper

Founder at DFJ, Silicon Valley, California, USA

Jim Wilson

CEO, Global AgGateway, USA

Albert P. Pisano

Professor and Dean, School of Engineering, UC San Diego

Justin Mclean

IoT, open source application Apache Software Foundation board, Australia

Nithya Ruff

Vice President at Comcast & Chair at Linux Foundation Board, USA

Francisco Betti

Head of Advance Manufacturing, World Economic Forum

Enno De Boer

Global Head Manufacturing and Partner: McKinsey & Com

Ajit Singh

Partner at Artiman Ventures/ Adjunct Professor at Stanford University

Justin Dustzadeh

CTO at Equinix

Ashok Banerjee

Vice President, VMware, California, USA

Michael Corrigan

Vice President, Office of CTO at F5, California, USA

Rick McGeer

CEO at engageLively, California, USA

Maital Rasmussen

Chief Commercial Officer at Octave Bioscience, California, USA

Bikash Sabata

Vice President at Roche, California, USA

Pradeep Dubey

Senior Fellow at Intel Lab, Silicon Valley, California, USA

Jason Shepherd

Vice President at Zededa, Silicon Valley, California, USA

Nicholas Brathwaite

Founder at Celesta Capital, Palo Alto, California, USA

Sjaak Wolfert

Digital Innovation in Agriculture-Food, Wageningen University & Research, Netherland