Undergraduate Courses:

  • Data Structure and Algorithms
  • Software Engineering
  • Computer System Software
  • Web Frontend Programming
  • Data Management on Cloud Platforms

Graduate Courses:

  • Software Testing
  • Workflow Fundamentals and Advanced Technologies
  • Database Management Systems
  • Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery
  • Massive Media Information Management and Retrieval
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Data Quality Management
  • Software Project Management
  • Modern Database Systems
  • Data warehouse and Data Mining

Process Mining: Discovery, Conformance and Enhancement of Business Process, Vil van der Aalst, Springer.

Chinese Translation by Jianmin Wang, Lijie Wen, Tsinghua University Press.

Software Engineering - Theory, Methodology and Practice

Edited by Jiaguang Sun, Qiang Liu, Higher Education Press

Software Requirements Engineering: Principles and Methodology

by Zhi Jin, Lin Liu, Ying Jin, Science Press.

  1. Jianmin Wang, Graduate Advisor Excellence Awards, 7 Years.
  2. Qiang Liu, School of Software Faculty Excellence Awards, MOE, 2011.
  3. Lin Liu, IBM Chinese University Teacher Awards,2012.
  4. Software Engineering Course, winner of National Recommended Courses, 2007.
  5. Software Engineering Course, National Recommended Electronic Course Resources, 2013.