Jianmin Wang
PhD, Professor, Dean

Big data and knowledge enineering: unstructured data management, business process and product data life-cycle management, digital copyright and system security, database testing.

XiaoJun Ye
PhD, Professor

Information systems, Data modelling and management, database testing, data security and privacy

Li Zhang
PhD, Professor

Industrial big data, enterprise information systems: product data life-cycle management, complex equipment maintenance service, industrial data analytics, information systems access control

Guiguang Ding
PhD, Associate Professor, Associate Dean

Multi-media information retrieval and management: multi-media content analysis, image/video data analysis, social media data retrieval and mining

Qiang Liu
Associate Professor

Multi-media data classification and analysis, image data processing, video data searching, multi-agent intelligent system development based on novel algorithms

Lin Liu
PhD, Associate Professor

Requirements Engineering and Knowledge Engineering: requirements modelling and analysis, medical data processing and analysis, novel internet application design

Chunping Li
PhD, Associate Professor

Artificial Intelligence, Information Systems, Data Mining, Knowledge Processing, Reasoning Technology, Web Information Retrieval, Textual Data Analysis, Data Classification Technology

Chaokun Wang
PhD, Associate Professor

Unstructured Big Data Management,Graph data management, Social Media Data Management, Music Computing, Web Intelligence, Software Protection, Big Data System Development

Lijie Wen
PhD, Associate Professor

Process Big Data Management and Mining, Parallel Process Mining, Process Model Analysis, Process Data Indexing, Process Data Searching, Process Model Similarity Analysis, Process Log Analysis

Xiaoming Jin
PhD, Associate Professor

Data mining, Machine Learning, Web Data and Stream Data Management and Mining

Shaoxu Song
PhD, Associate Professor

Data quality over heterogeneous, temporal, graph, uncertain data

Yingbo Liu
PhD, Associate Professor

Industrial Big Data, Business Intelligence, Product Lifecycle Management, Integrated MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) Platform

Tao Jin
PhD, Assistant Professor

Business Process Management, Workflow, Cloud Computing, Medical Big Data

Mingsheng Long
PhD, Assistant Professor

Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Transfer Learning, Big Data Analysis

Xinnong Mo
Adjunct Professor

Product Lifecycle Management, Data modelling, Requirements Management, Digital Manufacture, MRO Product lines

Jingdong Li
Adjunct Professor

Health IT domain expert, medical terminology, healthcare data exchange standard HL7 China Board Member

Chaohui Guo
PhD, Adjunct Professor

Metallurgical processes model control software, computer aided design systems