Modern Data Management Systems Summit

at Tsinghua University

Beijing, China | Aug. 29 - 30, 2014

Jointly hosted by Tsinghua University, China and IBM Research - China





As a result of the emergence of a broad family of NoSQL and NewSQL systems, and the evolution of traditional RDBMSs, database systems and applications people are again at a crossroad of sorts and really need some guidance on where to go. This summit is intended to discuss the capabilities and limitations of such systems, and the future direction of database systems from the perspectives of academia and industry. Another purpose is to let the attendees better appreciate what is really behind the covers of many of the modern data management systems (the rationale and the technical/research advances in NoSQL, NewSQL and Traditional systems), going beyond the hype associated with these open source, commercial and research systems. As a result of this summit, we also expect to cultivate the culture of database systems research among young researchers and guide the database industry development in China.