The topics for both research and industry papers include, but are not limited to:


- Business process design and modeling

- Process modeling languages and notations

- Process model repositories

- Process patterns and reference process models

- Business process execution

- Workflow management

- Business process monitoring

- Process architecture and platform (Open-source BPM, Cloud & mobile BPM, etc.)

- Adaptive process control

- Process driven performance management

- Process diagnosis

- Process mining

- Process knowledge management

- Operational intelligence in BPM

- Resource and data-driven BPM

- Context aware BPM

- Social media and BPM

- Big data and BPM

- Decision science in BPM

- Data mining/business intelligence for Business Process

- Experience reports from BPM implementations within the Asia-Pacific region

- Case studies carried out within the Asia-Pacific region (BPM in logistics, manufacturing, healthcare, etc.)