Conference Schedule

APBPM 2013 - Program Schedule (Draft)

Date: 29~30 August, 2013

Venue: Meeting Room No.6(第六会议室), Building No.1, Beijing Xijiao Hotel


Program Schedule:

Afternoon of August 29

13:00~21:00 - Registration, First floor of Building No.1

18:00~20:00 - Banquet, Xiyuan Restaurant of Building No.1

August 30

8:45~9:30 - Open ceremony (Hyerim Bae: Introduction to AP-BPM)


9:30~10:30 - Keynote (Wil van der Aalst)


10:30~10:45 - Coffee break


10:45~12:15 - Session 1 (Chair: Minseok Song )


l  APQL: A Process-model Query Language

Arthur Ter Hofstede, Chun Ouyang, Marcello La Rosa, Liang Song, Jianmin Wang and Artem Polyvyanyy.

l  BPEL Similarity — A Behavioral Metric

Xing Jianchun, Zhang Xuewei, Song Wei, Yang Qiliang, Ge Jidong and Wang Hongda

l  Process Model Storage Solutions: Proposition and Evaluation

Jie Li, Lijie Wen, Jianmin Wang and Zhiqiang Yan


12:15~13:30 - Lunch time


13:30~15:00 - Session 2 (Chair: Moe Thandar Wynn)


l  Clustering and Operation Analysis for Assembly Blocks using Process Mining in Shipbuilding Industry

Dongha Lee, Jae Hun Park and Hyerim Bae

l  Constructing Decision Tree Model from Process Log for Performer Recommendation

Aekyung Kim, Josue Obregon and Jae-Yoon Jung

l  Process discovery by synthesizing activity proximity and user’s domain knowledge

Bernardo Nugroho Yahya, Hyerim Bae, Sung-Ook Sul and Jei-Zheng Wu


15:00~15:30 - Coffee break

15:30~17:00 - Session 3 (Chair: Jianxun Liu)

l  Improvement of Patient Safety in u-Hospital: A Pattern-based Approach for Handling Patients’ Abnormal Situation

Junho Moon and Dongsoo Kim

l  A Methodological Evaluation of Business Process Compliance Management Frameworks

Mustafa Hashmi and Guido Governatori


17:00~17:30 - Industry session (Introduction of uEngine open source BPM)

17:30~18:00 - Open discussions & Group photos